Going the Extra Mile for You: Don't have time to come to us? No worries. We'll come to you, pick up your car and leave you a loaner car if you need it. What could be easier than that?

PT cruiser Fleet & pick-Up / Delivery Service.

We know our everyday lives are more hectic than ever, so we have a few extras to help make car repair more pleasant. We have PT Cruisers available for you or we’ll even provide pick-up & delivery.

Take a cruise...

Borrow a PT Cruisers for a flat fee of $39.00 while we service your vehicle—no daily or mileage fees. All we ask is that you fill the fuel tank before returning the car.

We cruise to you...

We are happy to provide pick-up and delivery service. We bring our PT Cruiser to your home or work, bring your vehicle back to our shop for service, then deliver back to you and pick-up our PT Cruiser.

All free of charge.