Our roots run deep. My dad started repairing cars for his friends and neighbors from our farm in the 1970s. It's that spirit that still drives today.

Who we are

Oxford Automotive was founded in 1979 to provide honest solutions in automotive repair. James Church, owner, joined his father in 1991 and continues to hire skilled technicians that find honest solutions for your repair needs. James is an ASE Master certified in all eight areas of technician competence. He has an L1 advanced engine performance certification as well.

Our Philosophy

Simple, communication throughout the process. Your mechanic will let you know what services your vehicle needs to be reliable and in good running order. We always give you the estimated cost of the work before it is performed, along with a report on the potential variables that could be outside of our control during the repair, so you can make informed decisions about investing in your vehicle service.

5339 Maloney Road, Delaware, OH 43015

We want your trust, and this how we earn it.

Honest communication about your vehicle’s needs and condition.

Answering all of your questions to the best of our ability; if we don’t know, we’ll find out. Every time we service your vehicle, we perform a 25 point inspection. Keeping up-to-date on changes in technology Providing a 3 year / 36,000 mile guarantee on the services & parts. Convenience, we make your automotive service as easy as possible with extra options like our PT Cruiser Program, Delivery & Pick-Up Service to your home or work.

Our Roots

Richard and Nancy Church bought the 55-acre farm located at 5339 Maloney Road, three miles south of Ashley in 1960, moving their family to the farm in 1965, from Marion, Ohio. Richard farmed and did car repair work on the side for neighbors and friends until 1979 when he retired from farming and started repairing cars full-time. He named the business Oxford Automotive after Oxford Township in which the business resides. With six children still at home, Richard worked hard at fixing whatever a customer needed done, whether it was a lawn mower, full size farm tractor, body work, welding, or mechanical automotive repair. He earned the trust of his customers by fixing the problem (working usually by himself) no matter how much effort it took. Working out of one service bay, he worked long hours and allowed his "tag along" 5-year-old son, James, to watch and play in his own little shop up over Dad's office. Richard worked the business for twenty-one years, supporting his wife and family, seven children in all, and built a reputation as a hardworking, honest businessman. His son James who had worked with him for nine years took over ownership of the business in January of 2000 when Richard was ready to retire. Richard and Nancy Church still live on the property.

From Father to Son

James' nine years of working with his father started upon his graduation from Buckeye Valley High School in 1991. The years that James spent working together with his father are some of the best and most meaningful times of his life. Learning a trade skill, as well as lessons about life, were invaluable as James got to know his father better and was able to learn from his experience. In 1996, James earned his Master Automobile Technician Certification through ASE. In his years at Oxford Automotive, James continues to obtain valuable outside training to stay up-to-date on all of the new technology required for success in the automotive repair industry. James married Rachel in 1997, and God has blessed their family with nine children.

5339 Maloney Road, Delaware, OH 43015
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    Tony Cassidy

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    Rasforay Avatar

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    Lindsey Pelissier
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    Kathryn Kuczynski Avatar
    Kathryn Kuczynski

    Good technical staff who actually shows you what the car issue is and their specific plans for remedy n repair. Was very satisfied as first timer. I will be back.

    lg sirrah Avatar
    lg sirrah
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    Kate Brown Avatar
    Kate Brown

    Oxford automotive has always treated us with kindness and respect over the years. They have always diagnosed and repaired our vehicles quickly and correctly without price gouging. I can not recommend a better place to get your car repaired.

    Kenneth Wolf Avatar
    Kenneth Wolf

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    Jonathan Holst
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    Ryan Halverson

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    Donna Binda Avatar
    Donna Binda

    Ben and Amy were very helpful and mechanic was very knowledgeable. Absolute clean shop and respectable people

    Bobby Nothstine Avatar
    Bobby Nothstine
  • Very easy to do business. I was kept informed about everything along the way.

    Corey Vaughn Avatar
    Corey Vaughn

    I always appreciate their thoroughness. They are always my first “go to” company for all of my vehicles.

    Daryl Wicker Avatar
    Daryl Wicker

    Was very professional and always kept me up to date on the work. And has a great warranty on all work.

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