Lolisa C.

“After a year of frustrations in paying over $2,000 to fix the the Jeep "death wobble", I was able to finally find a place to resolve my issue.”

The final straw for my truck was when I went to Tuffy's automotive to resolve this issue. They made me replace a part I already replaced and took three days to align my truck. Although my truck was still not aligned, they quoted me with waste in time and money repairs to resolve this issue. So I left that place with a horrible knocking and unsafe to operate truck. Keep in mind my truck was not that bad before I brought it to Tuffy's automotive. So I was done with this truck because no one seems to know how to fix this problem and I was tired of throwing money at the problem. I remembered I had a free oil change at Oxford Automotive from an event. I went there to get an oil change and I explained my situation. They told me they knew a resolution and it would be honest, I did not believe them because this has been an ongoing issue. They test drove my car and was shocked to how bad the Jeep "wobble" was. They told me to take a rental while they tighten a bunch of lose parts. So I came back to pick up my truck and they seemed confident they fixed it. I droved it that night and it drove a lot better but did not resolved the issue. They told me to bring it back and they told me it was a certain part that need to be replaced. I told them I was done fixing this truck to be sure because if I pay and I am still having this issue, I will not be happy. I gave them permission to drive my car on all the raggiest roads in Columbus. So offered me a rental while they fix it and test drive the truck like crazy. They told me it was fixed and you should feel no wobble issues. I picked up my truck and till this day I experienced no wobble issues. I highly recommend this place because they do care about their customers and try everything possible to help resolve issues. They are very experienced in what they do resolving my problem after 2 tries and I will be back for more services.